Energy Efficiency

Complete Facility Assessments

  • Sluss+Padgett works closely with building owners, operators, and general contractors to recommend environmentally responsible strategies that can reduce a building's energy consumption.

  • We offer a complete facility assessment. Data will be used from your utility bills and bench-marked against facilities, the audit will be used to assess your site's energy performance. A complete analysis, diagnostic monitoring, and testing will be used for the energy modeling. Field measurements of mechanical systems and performance are some of the techniques utilized to make energy saving recommendations. The Sluss+Padgett services team will present a detailed cost savings analysis.

  • The integration of our energy saving recommendations happens at all stages of a facility's life cycle, this will allow you to maximize resources, preserve the environment, and protect your bottom line.

  • Sluss Padgett's team of professionals uses its knowledge of mechanical systems to recommend complete system upgrades. We will leverage all our capabilities to find innovative, quality mechanical solutions that will provide exceptional value to meet your specific needs.

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